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Impact 80-90-130-200: Replacing the batteries

Replacing the batteries on Impact series

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Impact 80-200 pic1

Switch the lift off at the main switch. Locate the screws holding the control box.
Move the Lifter next to a stable platform such as a table or boxes. Activate the wheel brakes and remove the screws holding the control box using a Torx 25 screw driver. Gently place the control box on a platform as shown.

Impact 80-200 pic4

Locate the 4 screws holding the battery retainers. Remove the screws with a Torx 20 screwdriver. Then carefully remove the battery retainers, taking care not to damage any of the wiring. Gently turn the battery such that the terminals are facing up and note which wires are connected to which terminals. Carefully disconnect the battery wires. Now remove the old batteries. Note: Since the batteries contain lead, these should be disposed of according to local regulations. 
Connect the new batteries in the same manner as the old ones. Always change both batteries even though one of them looks good. 
Reassembly is the reverse procedure of the above. Be careful not to damage any wires during the process.

Revised 1/2-2022 MH