How-to Guide: Charging your lifter

Batteries and chargers

To charge the batteries:

1: Connect the lifter to the wall-plug.
2: The lifter must be turned ON when charging.
3: Charger indicator:
Orange light: The charger is connected and charging.
Green light: The batteries are workable.

The indicator changes to green after 1 to 5 hours, which corresponds to 80% charge. The battery pack is fit for use as soon as the green light is on. However, it is recommended to do a full charge, which takes approximately 8 hours.

Quick tips

Before using the batteries
New batteries should always be fully charged prior to using.

Charge the battery pack daily
The battery pack must be charged daily as total discharge can damage the batteries or shorten their lifespan.

The charger automatically charges the batteries and switches to maintenance charging when the batteries are fully charged.

It is better to charge the batteries and turn the lifter ON, than to disconnect the charger and to turn the lifter OFF.

Safety when charging
Use only original charger. Check that the wires are in good condition, connect properly and correct before applying power. Make sure there are no dirt or water in the plug.

The battery status indicator
The lifter is equipped with a battery status indicator, which indicates the battery status when the lift button is activated.
Red indicator: Batteries must be recharged immediately.
Orange indicator: The batteries are functionally charged.
Green indicator: The batteries are fully charged.

Safety when discharged
Using discharged batteries means an extreme stress for the battery and should be avoided.