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Inspection of Hovmand Lifter

Annual inspection guide

A short guide on how to check your Hovmand Lifter.

SG 1  IMG_20220920_082423


Impact series





1. Check all safety stickers and signs are  firmly attached and visibleSG 2 IMG_20220920_082641




SG 6 IMG_20220920_082710     SG 4 IMG_20220920_082655
SG 3 IMG_20220920_082645  SG 5 IMG_20220920_082659

2. Check cable and remote control for damages
SG 8 IMG_20220920_082740   SG 9 IMG_20220920_082745

SG 7 IMG_20220920_082733  

3. Check function of charger and Battery indicator LED
Connect charger to main power. The LED shall turn RED
SG 10 IMG_20220920_082824 
SG 11 IMG_20220920_082829
SG 12 IMG_20220920_082849 Testing Battery indicator LED by pressing the UP button without load on the Lifting tool. If the batteries are in good shape, the LED will turn green. If the LED turn red, the batteries might need charging or replacing. If it turn yellow, the batteries are 85-90% full.


4. Checking the wheels and brake function
SG 13 IMG_20220920_084157   
SG 14 IMG_20220920_084207
SG 15 IMG_20220920_084217  
5. Checking one-way bearing. Press the down button and keep it pressed after the Lifting tool is in the lowest position. The motor shall continue running. 

HubSpot Video

6. Check for strange noise when lifting / lowering. Dirt inside the mast can cause the sledge to jerk. 

HubSpot Video

7. Check for fixation of leg, mast, handle and tool

SG 20 IMG_20220920_084534   SG 21 IMG_20220920_084555

SG 22 IMG_20220920_084606  SG 24 IMG_20220920_084625

8. Testing lifting tool. In this example it is MRP3.
SG 27 IMG_20220920_085140_1  SG 28 IMG_20220920_085134
SG 25 IMG_20220920_085150  SG 26 IMG_20220920_085200

9. Checking the inside of mast. 
SG 29 IMG_20220920_085355


Take off the front cover. Be careful when operating the up/down function. 





Check for dirt in the mast and on the cam belt. Clean the profile.
SG 32 IMG_20220920_085521  SG 33 IMG_20220920_085528  

Check the alignment of the cam belt in the top belt wheel
SG 35 IMG_20220920_085725 

Adjust the screw at the top of the mast, on the side to which the cam belt is skewed.

If you adjust the screws, please notice the tension might be changed. 
See  instruction for cam belt.

Check the belt wheel and top limit switch for damages.

SG 31 IMG_20220920_085443 SG 36 IMG_20220920_085750

Remount the front cover and check the lifting / lowering function.

SG 37 IMG_20220920_085316

Morten VH 20/9-2022